So they didn’t know what was going on?

Auschwitz concentration camp

For all this time, what we thought we knew about the Holocaust was just a small part of it. Recently, researchers of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum released documentation about what the real thing was.

To know the truth, click the following link: The New Holocaust Discoveries

After that, NO ONE can say they DIDN’T KNOW what was going on. Everybody knew. It’s something that can’t be ignored when it’s happening beside your house.


2 thoughts on “So they didn’t know what was going on?

  1. I read this a while ago and then read it today. I don’t think I read that article the last time I read this post and I’m now numb. I want to cry but I’m at work and don’t want to alarm my colleagues. I’m sickened and shocked by this discovery but glad to know about it. Thank you for sharing it. *Many hugs*

    • I know how it feels… It’s ok to want to cry… It’s also good to know these things… In the end, it only happened because no one tried to stop it… Those who never did anything to help are also guilty for me.

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